Coaching & Training


Modular training

TEAM CO designs and offers personalised training courses, combining exclusive methodologies and real-life situations, with a team of trainers who are experts in all the functions of a company’s executive committee: HR, management, digital transformation, supply chain, sales strategy, communication, etc. We regularly enrich the themes and content of our training courses in order to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Intended for your employees, managers or executives, they can be adapted to your organisational model. Our training courses are given face-to-face or by videoconference.

Get 2021 off to a good start with our 10 distance learning modules.

Modules adapted to today's challenges, with short and efficient formats for quick results!

Systemic coaching according to TEAM CO

Regularly in their careers, company directors and managers have to cross new thresholds. Each time, the mind is put to the test. When can you let your intuition express itself, when do you have to be more rigorous, for yourself and for others? It is throughout these rarely linear trajectories that TEAM CO invests its sense of listening and dialogue. By highlighting your values and identifying your deepest motivations, we help you to clarify your vision.

Our consultants support you in controlling risk. They also help you gain serenity, the essential ingredient for a lasting control of your capacities.

In individual format

Do you want to optimise your personal communication? Do you need to gain autonomy?

Our coaching techniques apply to every level of management. They are based on a tried and tested methodology that has been in use for over ten years. They are available in English as well as in French and can be carried out by video-conference if necessary.

Or as a team

Do you want to restore employee productivity after a change, energise teamwork, create a winning spirit, develop the management committee?

TEAM CO takes into account the maturity of the teams to adapt the style and content of its intervention. Our objective: to boost your employees’ performance.